Chris Matthews often interviews Chris Mathews

When I have the opportunity, I often enjoy watching Hardball with Chris Mathews, but his interviewing style often drives me nuts. Ultimately, my issue is that I am a stickler for the “unwritten” rule of questioning – person A (in this case the host) asks person B (the guest) a question and then the person B answers the question. If necessary, person A asks a follow up question to probe deeper or to clarify person B’s previous answer.
Well often Chris asks a question and then answers his own question, often talking over the guest. The guest then stops talking to listen to Chris Mathews, who at times will also stop talking creating a very unnatural momentary pause or they both talk simultaneously and you can’t hear either clearly. I respect Chris Mathews experience in politics and enjoy hearing his unique perspective, even though I often do not agree with him. Maybe one of these days, I will grow accustomed to the fact that he will often answer his own questions before he allows the guest to answer.


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